Two ropes

The photographies realized for this project have been obtained by means of the direct double exposure technique. This means that the pictures have been generated as superimposed since the very shooting stage, and not been overlaid singularly during post-production (although photo editing software has been employed for some chromatic correction). The choice of double exposure as the leading technique is intended to be representative of the main concept the project is focused on: disease represented as something that is literally laid over the ill subject's existence. This work is autobiographical and centered on self-portrait. The leading concept of this photographical narration is developed around two ropes: there is a rope within me that should support and sustain the body, but it is about to break down, loosen torn and wrap unto itself, whilst the second rope is an external force that seems to be way thougher in thightening its grasp around the body, impairing any degree of movement. Between these two ropes there is a relation of inverse proportionality so that as one begins to give in, the other one appears to holds tighter. The first image is intentionally chaotic: it is possible to spot a rope, medicines and the green tone that reminds of hospital environments. It is something the ill subject constantly witnesses and begins to confuse as his or her true nature. The ensemble of represented symptoms (images from 2 to 9) is not meant to describe a determined pathology, but rather to communicate the variety of altered perceptions of my own physiological reality. A prolactinoma becomes a nail placed in the centre of the head that pushes and resonates reducing the visual field, which in turn is represented as constrained by some sort of winker. It finds its way through the breasts generating knots and "that odd feeling of a weave that expands, insinuates progressively and pulls". Disphagia is represented as a tangle of straws that cannot find its way down the esophagus, but that I try to throw out as a foreign body in the throat. Gastric disorders are a large tangle replacing the stomach, filled with red pins. The back is kept with tape, roughly fixed, but hopelessly ever-collapsing. The polycystic ovary syndrome is depicted by nails that pierce the ovaries through. The sciatic nerve inflammation becomes a rope so stretched that is about to break, impairing the walk. The last image, finally, portrays the body as a whole in its effort to wiggle out of the rope that seizes me trapped.

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