“Princess” is an ironic attempt to sensitize people towards intimate feminine world. The harmonious and clear image conveys the focus towards the centre, where the blue stain displace the actual blood. This is a simple image depicting a sanitary napkin, though many people were shocked! Many men didn’t even notice the different color of the blood stain. Many people have insulted me for this image, because generally people do not want to see anything that concerns menses. In many countries menses are considered as something dirty and shameful. I instead think that they have to be considered as something somehow noteworthy since they represent feminine fertility and so they are at the very basics of our life as humans. My way of portraying this object in such a royal-like nuance, is meant to give a positive description back to it. The idea behind this project comes from the idiomatic expression, very common in Italy, for which noble blood is referred as being “blue”.

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